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Electric Slide – A Fun and Easy Line Dance

The electric slide is a fun, easy dance that anyone can learn. Not only does it get your blood pumping, but it’s an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health as well.

It can also help relieve stress and enhance mental wellbeing. Furthermore, the electric slide offers a fun way for friends and family to come together.

Basic steps

The electric slide dance has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. It provides a fun way to get the party started at weddings, social gatherings and more, making it ideal for beginners as it provides an accessible yet exciting introduction into this popular line dance.

Ric Silver created this dance in 1976 and it quickly gained notoriety during disco’s golden age of the 1970s. It gained notoriety when Marcia Griffiths and Bunny Wailer’s “Electric Boogie” became a hit song.

There are a few basic steps you must know in order to perform the electric slide correctly. These include:

Step one: Begin by taking one step to your right with your right foot and crossing it behind your left. Afterward, step forward on both feet until they meet at four, and then repeat this pattern for the remainder of the song before crossing your feet together again at four.

Making the electric slide even more captivating, you can incorporate different movements into the dance. Popular options include knee-lifts, hip-lifts, foot flicks, kicks, hand claps and finger snaps for added enjoyment during each round.

You should aim to dance the electric slide to fun and upbeat music that will keep the crowd on the dance floor for as long as possible. Additionally, make sure the music remains steady so that there aren’t any drastic swings in rhythm.

The electric slide is an ideal dance to learn, as it’s fun and straightforward to perform. Furthermore, this makes the dance very accessible, adaptable, and inclusive of everyone.

When learning this dance, be sure to practice with a partner until you feel confident. Doing so will help you learn the basic movements and keep you safe on the dance floor.

Another excellent way to learn how to dance the electric slide is by watching a video tutorial. There are plenty of online videos that will teach you the dance’s steps; simply search for “electronic slide” on YouTube to find plenty of options.


The electric slide dance is an energetic disco-style dance that can be performed at clubs, weddings and other social gatherings. It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase your dancing abilities and it’s simple to learn; however it is recommended that you practice its basic steps before performing it in public.

Ric Silver created this dance in 1976 to accompany Marcia Griffiths’ song “Electric Boogie”, but it can also be performed to any 4/4 music with a tempo similar to that of the original tune.

When learning the electric slide, it is important to keep your hips and torso still. Doing this will help maintain a steady rhythm and make your movements smooth and graceful.

While performing the electric slide, make sure your arms move together in a coordinated fashion. This will help keep the dance flowing smoothly and prevent overexerting yourself.

Once you understand the basic elements of the electric slide, you can add your own creative touch. This could include knee-lifts and hip-lifts; foot flicks and kicks; hand claps and finger snaps; silly poses and gestures; lunges and spins; as well as other moves.

While adding your own flair to the electric slide can be fun, it’s also essential that you communicate with other dancers when performing it. Avoid any miscommunication between dancers by bumping into them or overlapping with them on the floor.

This dance is best enjoyed with a large group of people. Everyone should line up in several lines, roughly in either squares or rectangles according to the shape of the room.

The fundamental steps of the electric slide dance are straightforward to learn, but it’s essential to practice them regularly in order to perfect them. Doing this will make you more confident performing it in public and allow for an even greater enjoyment when doing so.

Video tutorials

The electric slide is an energetic and straightforward line dance that will get your friends grooving in no time. It’s ideal for weddings, bar mitzvahs and school dances of all types as well as any other special occasions where you want to shine! Video tutorials online offer instructions on how to master this move quickly – no need for an experienced fitness instructor or dance teacher – just some patience, a reasonable budget and some supportive partners!

You may be surprised to know that it takes more than just one stoke to master the electric slide – so plan some practice sessions around your wedding date! Popularized by Marcia Griffiths’ “Electric Boogie”, you can dance this move along to any 4/4 groove that gets your blood pumping. Just remember – always follow instructions!


The electric slide is an entertaining line dance popular at parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other social occasions. It also serves to get everyone on the floor for some friendly competition!

Ric Silver created the Electric Boogie Dance in 1976 to Marcia Griffith’s disco hit song of the same name, and it remains a beloved party dance today. Although its steps are straightforward and anyone interested in learning a new move can quickly pick it up with ease.

Practice the electric slide by listening to music and following along. You could also try performing it while watching video of someone else doing the dance; this is an effective way to get acquainted with its steps as well as comprehend its rhythm.

Once you understand the fundamentals of the electric slide, feel free to add your own flair. Many people add knee-lifts, hip-lifts, foot-flicks, kicks, hand claps and finger snaps as well as silly poses and gestures like lunges and spins for added effect. Just remember that this activity should remain a group effort so don’t overshadow other dancers by keeping up with their movements.

Another option is to alter the order of steps and tempo of the music. The electric slide can be performed with any type of 4/4 music as long as it’s energetic and has a similar beat to that of the original song.

Marcia Griffiths’ song “Electric Boogie” is an ideal choice for an electric slide dance, as it has a funky beat and quick lyrics that will make the movement even easier to do!

When learning the electric slide, be sure to practice with a friend or professional. Doing this will help you become familiar with the dance and prevent mistakes from occurring. Additionally, practice in front of a mirror so that you can assess how your moves appear in real-life.