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How to Dance in Rust

Rust is a game that emphasizes survival and PvP. However, not everyone enjoys spending their time fighting or looting other players.

For those of you who like to get a little silly and dance in Rust, there are several emotes that can help! But be aware that these come as part of the Voice Props Pack – a paid DLC.


Rust is a game about survival, but it also offers some amusing and quirky features. One such command line function called twist performs various tricks including deflating and encoding text and binary frames – as well as being one of the few functions which spawns many output frames – making it an invaluable component in the Rust development kit. Thankfully, twist is more user-friendly than it appears – adding some flair to your base while keeping those pesky zergs away!

Cabbage Patch

Rust gamers spend a lot of time looting, fighting and exploring the world. However, sometimes gamers just want to have some fun in-game. Luckily, there are tons of hilarious emotes like dancing that will make you and your friends laugh. Unfortunately, dancing in Rust is not free; you need to purchase the Voice Props Pack DLC in order to use this feature. If you want to learn how to dance in Rust then YouTube user SHADOWFRAX has put together an excellent tutorial from YouTube user SHADOWFRAX that covers everything you need to know: click below! This video is sponsored by STEEZY Studio; thank you for supporting us! We strive constantly bring you the best content possible!

Raise Roof

When playing Rust, you can have some fun on the battlefield by using emotes introduced with Voice Props DLC. These allow for dancing and expressing yourself on-the-battleground. To use them in Rust, simply press and hold B on your keyboard – this will open an emote wheel where you can select your preferred dance gestures.

Raise Roof is one of the emotes added to the game when Voice Props DLC released. It’s an enjoyable way to express yourself and let other players know you’re feeling something.

In addition, the DLC also comes with a nightclub room in your base where you can do some dancing in the evening. However, keep in mind that it is a paid DLC, so if you’re new or don’t have enough resources then don’t expect too much out of it.

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