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How to Dance to Shout

Shouting is a common practice among Christians to honor God. Unfortunately, it does not follow biblical guidelines and opposes the work of the Holy Spirit within believers.

Have you ever experienced the frustration and embarrassment of being at church when people start shouting? This article will help prepare you for it and keep your congregation engaged.

1. Step to the right

Start by standing with both feet together, taking a step forward about 1-1/2 feet with your right foot. Alternatively, slide or shuffle your left foot up to meet the right one and tap it in place. At this point, turn your body quarter-turn to the left and repeat this sequence – known as a “step touch”. This can be an enjoyable way to dance along to loud music!

Next time you’re at a club, try some of these easy moves. You’re sure to pick them up quickly and have an awesome time dancing to rap music! Be sure to clap your hands as you move!

2. Step to the left

Dancing to rap music can be both enjoyable and intimidating. If you’re unfamiliar with this genre, it can be difficult to know which moves are acceptable and which ones are just plain silly. But if you’re looking for an enjoyable time, learning some basic dance steps like stepping to the left will get you started. Once you master that move, move onto other shimmies that will really show off your moves! Follow these tips for making your next rap-themed party an epic success – you won’t believe how much fun you’ll have!

5. Step to the right

One of the most crucial moves in a dance to shout is how to step to the right. This involves crossing your left foot over your right, then returning it behind you and uncrossing with a quick walk. Utilizing this move is the simplest and most efficient way to maximize your dancing routine. Once you’ve perfected it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the king of the stage!

Before beginning to perform in front of an audience, do your research and practice as much as possible.

6. Step to the left

No matter if you’re the musician or in the audience, learning how to dance to shout music can be intimidating. Don’t feel overwhelmed when the music starts up; this dance is incredibly easy to master and an excellent way to get your feet moving.

Start the dance by turning stage left and bending your knees. Stick one arm out behind you, while the other in front. Take four shuffling steps downstage starting on your right foot in a swimming motion similar to breast stroke with your arms; then repeat on your left foot. This simple dance will give you the courage to dance alongside the crowd during shouts – enjoy! Keep reading for more tips on dancing to shouts.

7. Turn to the right

If you’ve ever encountered a church that starts off with uptempo shouting and dancing, it can be overwhelming. If you’re unprepared, feeling frustrated and embarrassed may ensue. Fortunately, praise dancing is actually a form of spiritual exercise – unlike frat-house dances like those depicted in “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” which are more about entertainment; praise dancing helps believers connect with God through movement and song.

8. Step to the left

When the song urges you to shout, start dancing to the left. Squat your knees and extend one arm out behind you as you do a forward-and-back shimmy. Repeat this head-and-shoulder sequence twice more before starting to do the main part of the dance – which begins with these steps but has many more combinations available. When finished, rotate a quarter turn left and repeat.