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How to Roll Your Hips Correctly

Hips are an essential component of any dance move, and mastering how to roll them correctly is essential. Whether you’re doing salsa, merengue, or club dance, your hips should be moving independently.

Practice these hip rolls can help you hone your dance style and gain more assurance in your movements. Plus, they’ll strengthen your legs, glutes, core, and back!

Booty Roll

Booty rolling your hips is a foundational dance move used in numerous styles of dancing. However, it may be challenging for some people to master, so it is essential that you learn how to do it correctly before trying any moves that require it.

Start by taking a wide stance with your legs bent at the knees and feet about shoulder-width apart. This will provide you with a secure base for performing the dance move while helping to maintain your balance.

Next, slightly bend your knees as you lower your pelvis. Doing this will make it easier for you to remember that you are moving not just your leg muscles but also the entire pelvis.

Once you’ve done this, start to bounce up and down quickly. This will create the clapping sound necessary to confirm that you are doing it correctly.

Add some variety to your dancing with this move, allowing you to shake without moving your upper body. Although it may take some practice to perfect, the results are well worth it!

One of the best ways to practice this dance move is by standing in front of a mirror. Turn the other way so you can observe your hips as they swivel from left to right. Additionally, try this with music playing in the background.

Once you understand the basics, you can progress to a more advanced variation of this dance move: side-to-side booty pop. This variation is great for having some fun with friends while mastering this move!

Begin by lowering your hips to the front of your body and then to the left. Next, rotate them around to face backwards before returning them back towards you in a circle motion – this completes one full rotation.

Finally, you can finish this dance move by repeating it on the other side. This is a great way to show off your sultry side and one of TikTok’s most popular moves!

Circular Roll

Circular rolling is an effective way to tone and shape your hips. It works your abs and obliques, burning calories while contouring the midsection.

Hoop princesses or salsa dancers alike will find circular hip rolls an attractive addition to their moves. Additionally, this exercise can serve as a core exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles.

To perform a circular roll, begin with your legs straight and feet together on the floor. Lean forward and twist your hips to the right; once you have completed this movement on the right side, repeat on the other side.

Once you’ve done this, keep your chest high throughout the motion. To ensure maximum body stability during this exercise, stand in front of a mirror or wall for balance.

For a more challenging variation, try rolling your hips back and side. This works particularly well when dancing solo (such as salsa shine).

This version involves taking one side of the hips and letting them roll back and around before taking another step on the opposite side. Doing this helps build up your sexy hip roll action, making it easier to master.

You can also use this exercise to loosen your hip flexor. Doing so will increase flexibility and pliability, improving overall fitness levels.

Exercise with a small loop band is an efficient way to get plenty of exercise in a short amount of time. You can purchase these bands from Amazon or your local sporting goods store for relatively cheap prices.

From a supine position, roll your hips by pulling in your knees and pressing against the floor. This exercise is great for toning the gluteus medius (located at the upper outer corner of your buttocks). Additionally, this muscle helps rotate your torso; thus its inclusion is essential in this move.

Sexy Roll

The hip roll is the signature move of belly dancers and an excellent way to show off your abs. A well-executed hip roll can elevate your performance on the dance floor and add some energy to your workout routine, too. Keaira LaShae from DailyBurn trainer Keaira LaShae provides a video and GIF below so even those without experience can learn it quickly – just keep your head high and body still as you execute this move – it may take several tries but the reward will be worth it! If you can’t make it out to the club, try these moves at home using weights and music you enjoy most.

Side Roll

Rolling your hips in a circular motion helps tone and firm your abs as well as strengthen core muscles. Furthermore, this exercise can increase body awareness by connecting you to your body more deeply; you could even use it as an effective workout for arms and shoulders!

To side roll your hips, start by positioning yourself with your hands on a wall and feet about hip width apart. Your heels should be off the ground, but you can use your knees to move your hips. Begin by bending your right knee and moving it forward while keeping your left knee straight. Repeat this motion to move both hips forward and to the right.

To do this movement correctly, keep your motions small and not exaggerated. You should be able to complete a circle without stopping at either left or right hips; if finding it challenging, practice until you feel confident doing it.

In addition to hip rotations, you should also be able to move your head and shoulders during this exercise. Doing so will make the roll much more impressive. If you find it difficult, stand in front of a mirror or wall for balance as you move your body parts.